Bish's Fishes
The world is your oyster

Established over twenty five years ago Bish’s Fishes have been prominent in promoting tropical fish-keeping to local enthusiasts. With a core policy of knowledge and quality the trained staff can answer any questions and guide newcomers as they enter the fascinating world of shape and colour that a correctly set up and maintained aquarium can become.

The same policy extends to coldwater fancy fantails and pond fish where a huge choice of Koi, Orfe, Shubunkins and more are available throughout the pond season. All aspects of pond keeping are catered for including fish, filters, food, pumps, water treatments, pre-formed ponds etc.

More recent developments have seen the introduction of a reptile section where customers can view and purchase snakes, geckos, lizards and tortoises along with everything needed for their care and housing.

A second floor pet barn containing premium dog and cat food as well as everything needed to make your small furry pet happy including hutches, runs, cages, bedding etc.

Bish’s Fishes caters to all pet lovers.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday, 9.00am – 5.30pm

Sunday, 11.00am – 5.00pm


01481 249733