We're all about fun & your safety

Oaty and Joey’s is all about having fun, but there are some safety rules that must be followed by everyone…
  1. Children must be supervised by a responsible parent / guardian at all times.
  2. Children should wear clothing which covers their arms and legs with tops tucked into trousers and socks covering feet. This is to prevent friction burns. Polyester garments are likely to result in a faster descent and it is recommended that if your child is so dressed they should not be permitted by you to use the slides.
  3. The main Playframe area including the slides is designed for children aged from 5 to 11 years, a maximum of 1.3 metres tall and weighing 85 kgs or less.
  4. Any child who is or becomes unwell should not enter the play area.
  5. Please encourage your child to use the toilet and to wash their hands before entering the playframe.
  6. Food and drinks outside are not permitted in the soft play or playframe areas. This also applies to sweets and chewing gum.
  7. Parents / guardians must seek medical advice about using the slides if your child has or has previously had relevant medical conditions / surgery – for example fractured or broken bones.
  8. We advise that badges, jewellery and watches etc are left with the parent / guardian.
  9. The main purple Astra slide is designed for one child per lane travelling feet first.
  10. The slide “lane” in which the child is travelling must be completely clear before the child is permitted by you to start to slide down.
  11. Children using the slides must not stand or run down the slide.
  12. Children must not climb up any of the slides at any time.
  13. Any accident, however seemingly trivial, must be reported to the Duty manager and full details given.
  14. The use of the Playbarn, mini-golf and all equipment, facilities, amenities and participation in activities is permitted entirely at the users / parent / guardian’s own risk. F B Leisure Ltd and F B Ltd will not accept liability for any injury or consequential loss otherwise than as a result of negligence on the part of those companies, their agents, officers or staff.

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